Coffs Coast Council

Race for top job

THE race for Coffs Harbour mayor is on!

The city's deputy mayor, Cr Rod McKelvey, yesterday announced he would seek the top job at the September 13 local government elections.

This brings him head to head with the incumbent, Cr Keith Rhoades, who yesterday confirmed he wanted a second mayoral term.

"I have decided to run for mayor because I believe we need good leadership at council," Cr McKelvey said.

"I want to work for this community and with this community to make Coffs Harbour a modern, viable coastal centre.

"I believe we have to plan for our future and run a financially responsible council. I want to help boost business and tourism because they create employment and strengthen our local economy.
"I believe there is so much to be gained by forming strong partnerships not only with the State and Federal governments, but also with business and the local community."

Cr McKelvey also said he had been 'frustrated and disturbed by what I consider to be lost opportunities for Coffs Harbour', but that as mayor, he would 'find creative solutions to local issues'.
Cr Rhoades, who has served on the council since 1991, said he had always had a passion for local government and his community.

"I've demonstrated that over those 17 years, and I've built a lot of networks between the council and government," Cr Rhoades said.

"I believe to be a good mayor, you've got to be a good communicator, and I think I've displayed that over the years. I have that ability to sit down with people and find the middle ground."

Cr Rhoades also chairs the Country Mayors Association.

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