Quick tips for a good bed

HOTELS come in all shapes and sizes, but finding the right fit for you is often what differentiates a common holiday from an unforgettable one.

The desire for a good deal, a clean room and superior service is crucial to all travellers hunting for a hotel room, whether in Melbourne or the Maldives.

Quickbeds.com believes getting what you want comes down to a having a few tips up your sleeve.

The online accommodation agency reveals some approaches that are sure to score you a perfect bed for the night.

• Do your research

Booking directly with a hotel will not always get you the best rate. Check online resources, such as travel companies who have their own booking engines and last-minute accommodation providers, where you can compare prices. It is worth calling the hotline directly to negotiate their best rate or clarify the room type.

Stay up-to-date on sale periods, campaigns and promotions by signing up to a weekly e-newsletter, as well as regularly checking their website to stay well-informed on the latest deals.

Hotel booking sites, such as quickbeds.com, negotiate exclusive rates with the hotel chains for the campaign period, so you don’t have to waste time searching around for the best price as they’ve done all the hard work for you.

• Early days means a fresh price

Keep an eye out for new entrants to the hotel industry, as they price competitively when they’ve just opened to get off to a flying start and test-run the place.

Boutique properties that haven’t quite established themselves and those that were the buzz a year or two ago no longer enjoy the same clamour for rooms they once did, so you may be able to use this to your advantage.

• Seek advice from industry experts

There is nothing worse than arriving at your hotel after a long flight, to find that your room is dreary, old or too small. Worse still, finding out that it’s in a dodgy area of town. Travel consultants can offer advice on reputable properties, hotel locations, for example those that in the heart of the city or easily accessible to public transport, and the quality of the rooms.

Travel agents, such as Flight Centre and Escape Travel, also have access to all the best deals and are kept updated on a daily basis on the latest discounts, hottest destinations and travel news. Ask your local travel agency to track down the best rates for you, it is their job.

• Don’t underestimate serviced apartments

These days’, the self-contained apartment is like a home away from home for many travellers, particularly those travelling for business.

Look for refurbished three-, four- and five-star properties that provide neat, clean rooms with everything from dishwashers to laundry facilities. Not only are these a hidden bargain, but you’ll have the freedom to cook your own meals and even get access to a gym and pool.

• Steer clear of major events

The chance of finding a cheap room rate, if there is even a room available at all, is generally out of the question when there is an event, such as Melbourne Cup, the Grand Prix, or the Good Food and Wine Festival. Hotels tend to fill quickly and even overbook during these periods, so hoteliers know they can get heads in beds at the rate they ask. Save face by planning your holiday in low season or pre-book well in advance.

• Get a local flavour from


Ditch the main tourist sights and get a real taste for the city by asking the hotel’s concierge or receptionists where they like to go in town. Otherwise, visit a nearby café to ask the barista where to go for a great cocktail or where to find the best shops. Not only will you get to experience the local flavour of the town, you may also venture out of your comfort zone.

See www.quickbeds.com for a range of hotels, resorts and apartments, all at competitive prices or call 1800 002 333 to speak to a consultant.

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