OPINION: Maroon tsunami killed a lot of cockroaches

IT DOESN'T destroy me to know that my NSW Blues were thumped by a much more committed team on Wednesday night.

What really hurts is that I realise I will have to endure 12 months of torment from Queensland supporters.

NSW showed in the first two origin matches that they can match it with the Cane toads, so how could they be dismantled so easily?

No doubt that is the question that will haunt NSW coach , Laurie Daley, from now until his team runs onto the state of origin field again next year.

The simply fact is when it came to desire and passion Queensland had it all over the blues.

When a team gets on a hot roll like the maroons did on Wednesday you can't do much to stop the juggernaut.

You can only grit your teeth and try and hang on.

I don't believe any rugby league team in the world could have held back Queensland.

Even in the final minutes they were still throwing themselves into the tackles and celebrating tries as if they were just one point in front.

I love my sport and I know I witnessed something very special this week.

That said I am also a loyal supporter who doesn't change sides when the going gets tough.

It's cold now for us southerners, but we have shown in the past that you can never write us off.



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