LAUGH OUT LOUD: Arj Barker promises to bring some laughs to Gladstone.
LAUGH OUT LOUD: Arj Barker promises to bring some laughs to Gladstone. Contributed

Q and A with comedian reveals ever-present sense of humour

ARJ Barker will be visiting Gladstone for one night only on Friday, August 18, as part of his Organic tour. We got in touch with Arj about his latest show.

Your show is called Organic, how organic are you?

I'm 99% Organic, but I may contain traces of nuts.

What's the most organic thing you've done?

Probably eat dirt when I was six years old.

You're a popular comedian in Australia, why do you think that is?

I think Australian audiences just have the best taste in the word.

How much do your shows change each time?

They change at least 99% - if it's a new title, you can bet it's a new show.

You've said before you are your own harshest critic - what is your biggest fault?

I'm a terrible procrastinator. I'm surprised I even got around to answering that question.

You road tested the Organic show originally - what did you learn in this process?

I always test my shows on live goats before going public. Mind you, no animals are harmed, but a few are confused.

Most of us have days where we barely feel we can entertain ourselves let alone entertain a crowd, what do you do to get you through those kind of days?

Once I'm in front of the crowd, my problems, whatever they may be, are the furthest thing from my mind. I find the act of performing stand-up really forces me to be in the moment. And when you're in the moment, you can't worry about a few bad poker hands, or that black spot on your lower back (but you probably should get that checked out by a doctor).

You've been doing stand-up since you were 16, how do you think your comedy has changed in that time?

It's become more global I think, partly due to the internet, and partly due to my constant touring. But mainly the internet.

Have you been to Gladstone before? Or central Queensland?

Yes. Many times. Although the fact that you ask me that makes me wonder if I made much of an impression.

What do you think? could you see yourself wintering here? (we have perfect winter weather, not so much in summer)

I am wintering there, at least for a night or two. (August is still winter, right?)

What can Gladstone expect from your show?

Gladstone can expect to laugh its ass off for an hour plus. It's my best show yet.

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