Letter to the Editor - July 16: Put theatre in city centre

IN REGARD to the location of the new entertainment centre, firstly congratulations to the mayor and councillors for taking on such a much needed far sighted project.

I can see the City Hill option is popular and very tempting but the location, in regards to being the hub it needs to be, is somewhat out of the way.

My suggestion is a bit left of field but the existing police station and court house land is in a prime location. It has every advantage being central, existing parking in Lyster St, Woolies car park and City Central multi-storey parking all within easy walking distance, reducing the need for additional transport/parking infer structure.

Lyster Street would also provide easy out of main traffic access for deliveries etc and be cost effective.

Incorporating a library, art gallery, auditorium and possibly convention centre with maybe a coffee shop has many advantages. The facility would be used day and night.

Bookings for the theatre could be handled by library staff bringing more people into the library and art gallery facilities. Because of this there would be no dead money paying for staff to man the theatre during daytime (currently a big cost factor in the existing Jetty Theatre) Similarly the coffee shop/bar would have patronage day and night increasing revenue and reducing staffing costs.

The site is flood free and with an existing multistorey building next door there would be no restrictions on height.

The ownership of the site I suspect is the government and perhaps they could be approached to assist with a peppercorn lease arrangement to get this project happening. The building would certainly be highly visible to tourists and could become the jewel in our city's crown.

Judi Williams

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