WHEN a balaclava-clad man wearing black pulled what appeared to be a pistol from his jacket in the bottleshop, Hamish Guy took a calm breath and waited.

Somewhere in the background, a cook at the Fiveways Hotel raised the alarm with duty manager Adam Davey, who raced to the bottleshop to assess the situation.

A quick peek through a glass panel in a door at the pub and Mr Davey had seen enough - his boss and close friend was in trouble.

"My main concern was that he was going to shoot Hamish," Mr Davey recalled.

A closer look revealed the gun was plastic and despite the unpredictability of the situation, he didn't hesitate.

"I was certain (it was a fake gun) so I sort of just mimed to Hamish to keep him talking," he said.

"I sort of slipped on the gravel under my feet when he turned around and pointed (the replica gun) at me and said, "I'm going to f*****g kill you'.

"I said, 'not with that you're not, buddy,' and he realised I knew it was plastic.

"Then he just legged it and I legged it after him and then Hamish came."

The two men chased the offender onto Mort St before he was tackled to the ground and held there until police arrived.

"If it had been a real gun, I would have approached it differently," Mr Davey said.

"I've got three young kids so I'm not going to be stupid.

"That it was a fake gun is the only reason I acted that way because while there might be $300 in the till, I'm not going to lose my life for it."

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Last shout-out to Coffs kids

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