Professor predicts better future

Professor Richard Smith will talk on making life better in the future.
Professor Richard Smith will talk on making life better in the future.

ONE of the country's foremost educators will lead discussions at the first Coffs Harbour Community Forum.

Professor Richard Smith will focus on how to build a better community in his talk set down for August 17.

“In this short talk I will raise some possibilities for making enormous differences to people's well-being, prosperity, security and enjoyment,” Prof Smith said.

“There are many quite straightforward things that people from Coffs Harbour and the region can do to make life better and more secure for everyone.

“Innovation isn't just for professionals.

“Passionate amateurs, using fresh ideas and new tools, can create outcomes that companies, governments and councils can't.

"The trick though is to get all of these headed in the same direction.”

In his talk he will argue there is much to learn from other places where the community has mobilised itself, identified and supported good leadership and management and achieved some really important changes in how things get done to benefits everyone.

“I will really stress the point that the community needs to consider many different things to make a real difference to well-being.

“Attracting new people to the area is a powerful way to improve the community.

“How to attract the people who can do this is a major concern for futures thinking.

"But, strangely enough, it is not rocket science.”

Prof Smith said as we witness what happens in New Zealand, southern China, the Middle East or Norway, we cannot help being reminded the world changes, what we call work changes, business and private organisations change, opportunities change, locations change and we change.

“Change can be for the good or it can be ordinary and cause distress and loathing.”

The first Coffs Harbour Community forum, titled Where Are We? will be held at 6pm on August 17 in D Block Theatre at the Coffs Harbour Education Campus.

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