Editorial - April 20: Print’s just one facet of this business

TECHNOLOGY brings change to all work sectors, but it's the foresight of knowledge that guides an industry into a new era.

This newspaper has been printed for 109 years, as the Coffs Coast's historical record.

Eight years ago, however, in changing times as a daily newspaper, the six-day-a-week model just wasn't going to prove feasible moving into the future.

So with visions towards times like 2016, The Coffs Coast Advocate newspaper and our online website evolved this publication into what media commentators now spruik as the future newspaper model - one that's printed and mass distributed for free twice a week, and supported by a breaking online news platform.

This model, supports local business, keeps many workers employed, has the paper delivered to your doorstep for free and keeps the community updated on news and events.

It's satisfying work and please stay tuned to our website for a video insight into how much work goes into each edition.

Strong community support has ensured The Advocate can continue its community commitment, today by launching The Harbour Club, a mechanism to bring influential guest speakers to town.

We trust that you'll enjoy the experience.

Matt Deans,

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