Danielle Prince cuts no corners

"IF YOU are going to do something, do it properly".

That is the motto behind the success of Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games gold medallist from the gymnastics teams' event, Danielle Prince.

But with a jam-packed lifestyle, you can forgive the 21-year-old for occasionally dropping her guard.

The Brisbane product trains six days a week, twice a day, and also heads to the gym four times a week.

On top of that, she is also studying part-time to

become a PE teacher - working 20 hours a week teaching her craft at Moreton Bay College.

Prince, who lives and breathes gymnastics, said her family's support has been a key part of her success.

"Mum used to love dancing but she never got the opportunity to pursue her dream because of her family's financial situation," Prince told APN.

"So she's always encouraged me to stick with what I'm doing.

"She took me to my first gymnastics lesson when I was three."

And that was an instant success.

"By the end of the session I had moved up the hall to where the elite young gymnasts were training," Prince said.

It was the work ethic Prince learned from a young age that saw her revel in a jam-packed schedule of events last year.

She toured Europe and competed at five events in as many countries, including two World Cups.

"That was a lot of fun - even by the end of it I was still enjoying it," Prince said. "I love the fact you can compete in high-quality events in Europe every weekend."

Not surprisingly, Prince is in with a great shot at winning a second Commonwealth Games gold at Glasgow, starting on July 23, although she is certainly not going in overconfident.

"The competition this time around is going to be tough - (multiple Pacific Rim champion) Patricia Bezzoubenko, from Canada, is always tough to beat.

"Winning gold in 2010 was the highlight of my career. I'll be happy if we can just get a medal this time."

In a sport not renowned for the longevity of its competitors, Prince is the oldest Australian female team member at just 21, which means her hard-working philosophy will come to the fore.

"I will try to pass on as much knowledge as I can to the younger girls in the team," she said.

And part of her message will be, "If you are going to do something, do it properly - that is my motto."

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