Editorial - June 17: Pride and passion are on display

IN TYPICAL Australian fashion, locals aren't seen all that often to be shouting from the treetops about what it is that makes living on the Coffs Coast great.

That doesn't mean that we're not proud of where we live.

It's probably more a reflection of the laidback lifestyle that we enjoy, and almost at times take for granted.

I've lived in Coffs Harbour now for 17½ years and like so many others, there are so many beautiful features in our region which has me setting down solid roots for a long-term stay right here.

It's simple things too.

As a former Victorian I take great delight in telling my childhood friends that I just played a round of golf in the middle of winter wearing shorts.

I, like so many others, feel a deep affinity with the beaches that we have right on our doorstep.

The hubbub from so many over the Northern Breakwater upgrade should not be mistaken for a simple knee-jerk reaction. It's quite simply a display of the passion so many locals have for the beach lifestyle that we enjoy.

A simple thing as a marvellous ocean view on the walk to Muttonbird Island is one of the beautiful features on offer that we locals take pride in.

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