Josh wants a ride

A DESIRE to compete next year with the big boys overseas is what will be driving Coffs Harbour mountain bike rider Josh Button this weekend in Canberra when World Cup mountain bike racing comes to Australia.

“I'm hoping for a top-20 result on top of having a good time,” the talented 18-year-old said yesterday.

“If I can do that it will help me line up a team sponsorship deal for next year which I want as I've been going all right so far and I want to keep going.”

Button has already had a taste of the competition overseas as he has just come back from his second Northern Hemisphere sojourn where he has been picking up plenty of valuable experience.

There must be something beneficial about international racing as the fearless speedster is already planning to return next year.

“Even if I don't get a team sponsorship I'll head back over and pay my own way again and keep trying to line something up,” he insisted.

The World Cup event is being held in Canberra at the Mt Stromlo Forest Park.

Button has had a good look at the course ahead of this weekend's events.

“I had a few practice runs today (Friday) and the ride was pretty good.” he said.

“The course is good, it's a bit dusty at the moment but apparently there's a bit of rain coming so it should dampen down.

“It's nothing compared to the overseas tracks, it's a bit straight forward. That gives you confidence though as it means that you're not really scared at the start of the run which is good.”

While confident that he can handle his way around Mt Stromlo, Button is under no illusion how tough the elite field is.

“Everyone that is here from overseas isn't just good, they're really good so it is going to make it pretty hard,” he said.

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