Premium smartphone pushes prices way up

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 launch in New York.
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 launch in New York. Mark Furler

EXPECT this year's smartphones to take better photos, run more powerful apps, offer faster downloads and deliver bigger, better screens.

But you should also expect to pay significantly more for them, as experts warn the devices are set to hit our pockets harder than ever.

The warning follows Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 launch in New York. The device will cost $1499 when it hits stores on September 22 - $150 more than last year's Note and $300 more than the flagship Galaxy S8.

But Telsyte managing director Foad Fadaghi said Samsung would not be the only major smartphone company lifting its prices well beyond the $1000 threshold.

"This year we're going to see the re-emergence of the premium smartphone market," Mr Fadaghi said.

"We'll see a number of handsets at a very high price point."

Jackdaw Research chief analyst Jan Dawson warned the price of Samsung's new top-model phone could "give some existing Note users pause as they think about upgrading".

The phone's price has risen 60% in Australia since it arrived in 2011.

Jennifer Dudley-Nicholson

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