Premiers maybe trip not acceptable

NSW PREMIER Kristina Keneally’s ‘maybe’ response to an invitation to tour the Pacific Highway in our region has been met with outrage locally.

Comments posted on our website say the belated ‘I’ll-think-about-it’ line is too little, too late and nothing more than ‘a wasted token gesture’.

The NSW Opposition leader Barry O’Farrell has already accepted the invitation and committed to touring the notorious section of the highway on April 8.

JulesMid from Boambee wrote: “A bit late isn’t it? Lets get the election over and give the Libs a go. I can’t stand all this Labor mafia garbage that’s going on and this girly puppet mouthing off with her horrible accent.”

Laarz from Coffs Harbour, was equally scathing in comment. “Why you ask does Kristina not choose to take a trip on the Pacific Highway between Coffs Harbour and Ballina. Is it because she knows the true risk and danger involved in undertaking the journey?

“The road is appalling, the surface is often broken and the attitude of the professional drivers on strict timetables make it a recipe for disaster.

“Why drive when you can fly on the taxpayers expense!

“The other reason is the Premier has the majority of the population in the choked metropolitan regions with insufficient transport infrastructure who she will look after first.

“Unfortunately climate change in the region will only make the journey worse as the precipitation rates in this beautiful subtropical region will increase. Breaking the surface up further and more frequently, keeping the greasy sodden skating rink of black strip called the Pacific Highway the most treacherous journeys in the nation.

picman2 from Coffs Harbour, thought the idea a wasted token gesture. “It would be even if she did come. Other people lose their lives on this road and she could risk breaking a nail or something major like that.

“In the scheme of things everyone already knows the stats and these major roads should be controlled by the Federal government just like the hospital system taking the burden off all the states.

“Major highways are a national problem and shouldn’t be a specific State issue.”

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