Family members found the elderly woman so she could calm her granddaughter down.
Family members found the elderly woman so she could calm her granddaughter down. Bev Lacey

Pregnant cousin, grandmother assaulted during family feud

LOUD music, a pregnant cousin, shaken grandmother and a butter knife ensured this family feud did not end well.

A Cherbourg woman pleaded guilty to eight charges, which included assaulting her pregnant cousin and grandmother, in Murgon Magistrates Court on February 12.

Police prosecutor Barry Stevens said the 24-year-old woman was listening to music in the living room of a Cherbourg residence after midnight.

The defendant's cousin, who was about 26 weeks pregnant at the time, was trying to sleep in one of the back bedrooms.

The cousin came in five times to tell the defendant to turn the music down, but the woman kept turning the music up.

Sgt Stevens said the cousin went out into the living room one final time and attempted to pull the power cord out of the speaker.

"The defendant got up, used both hands and tried to push the victim for turning off the music," he said.

"As the defendant was intoxicated she made contact with the victim. However, she was unable to push her over."

This incident resulted in the woman pleading guilty to common assault as a domestic violence offence.

The court heard the cousin then went outside before shortly returning to the house.

She locked herself in a room to get away from the 24-year-old woman who had just assaulted her.

"The defendant then obtained a butter knife from the kitchen and unlocked the door," Sgt Stevens said.

The cousin avoided the woman and woke up the woman's aunt who drove around looking for the defendant's grandmother with her.

Meanwhile, the defendant had started grabbing the cousin's personal belongings from the bedroom and throwing them out the back door.


The 24-year-old woman also pleaded guilty to three charges of wilful damage as domestic violence offences.

Sgt Stevens said she caused wilful damage to the residential property owned by the Cherbourg Aboriginal Council when she put multiple holes in the internal walls of the living room.

She pulled the kitchen cupboard off its hinges, knocked over the flat screen television causing the screen to smash, and threw furniture around the house.

"The defendant threw around dining room chairs causing them to break, utensils were thrown around the kitchen and she pulled drawers out of the desk dresser in the front room causing it to break," Sgt Stevens said.

She also walked outside, threw some rocks and shattered three windows at the property.

Sgt Stevens said family members had asked the defendant's grandmother to come and stop the woman from causing further damage.

The 24-year-old woman then assaulted the grandmother, resulting in a serious assault of a person over 60 as a domestic violence offence charge.

"The defendant was in an aggressive state and grabbed the victim with both hands and violently shook her, yelling and screaming," he said.

Due to the noise and disruptions in the street, the woman also pleaded guilty to being a public nuisance.

Defence lawyer Margaret Crowther said the defendant was quite intoxicated on the night and had a very vague memory of the evening's events.

"These events occurred on the Friday evening after attending her Pop's funeral," she said.

"She has since apologised and is extremely ashamed of what she's done to her grandmother."

Magistrate Ross Woodford said these were serious matters.

"In particular your grandmother, shaking your grandmother, a person over the age of 60 years," he said.

For the five domestic violence charges the woman was sentenced to four months' imprisonment, which was wholly suspended for an operational period of 12 months.

"Keep your nose clean, don't do anything silly over the next 12 months," Magistrate Woodford said.

The woman was fined $400 for the public nuisance offence.

She was also fined $400 for each of the two breaches of her bail condition.

Convictions were recorded for each offence.

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