Predator stalking kids in Coramba

THE tranquil village of Coramba is struggling with an uncomfortable and unusual feeling – there's a predator lurking somewhere.

This small, close-knit community in the picturesque Orara Valley is coming to terms with police reports a man is stalking children.

The individual has pounced twice in broad daylight in as many days in his brazen attempts to abduct young boys. Thankfully, he has failed on each occasion and police are determined to capture him before he does any harm.

Local families and schools are trying to remain calm and are working overtime to hammer home the ‘stranger danger' message.

In the first encounter, a nine-year-old was riding his pushbike on the footpath in the main strip, Gale Street, just south of Martin Street, at 4.30pm on Sunday when the man approached him.

He pulled up and asked the youngster to climb into his car.

However, the quick-thinking boy rode home and told his mother, who then contacted triple-0. Police searched for the man to no avail.

The man was described as aged about 50 with a white goatee beard and was wearing a red and white shirt at the time. His car was possibly a silver four-wheel-drive and may have been a Honda.

A mere 24 hours later and around the corner from the first incident, the man found another potential victim.

A boy, 11, was walking on Duncans Bridge Road about 400 metres from Gale Street at 4pm on Monday when the man drove up beside him.

The boy had found a small dog and the man asked him to get in his car and said he would help him find the owner.

The brave boy had the good sense to walk away and the man drove off in the opposite direction.

The boy didn't tell anyone until Tuesday when his principal at Coramba Public was running a stranger-danger awareness lesson.

He revealed what had happened and police were called. They visited the school to take details.

The boy described the man who approached him as also aged 40 to 50, unshaven or with whiskers and driving a silver car.

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