Trevor Veale

Power to choose

THE power of the vote is the will of the people and may the best candidate be elected.

Today Coffs Harbour has the opportunity to vote with conviction and support the political campaigner deserving of public office.

Click here to find out where you can vote within the Coffs Harbour electorate on election day.

"The Greens have certainly put out a consistent message to address the concerns people have that all politicians are all the same, and try to bring integrity back into politics." - Greens Craig Christie.

"I am in there for the next four years and I will continue working for the people of the Coffs Harbour electorate as long as I am newly re-elected." - Nationals Coffs Harbour MP Andrew Fraser.

"There's an underground of brilliant people in the Coffs electorate who do brilliant work that are mainly volunteers who prop up good organisations that need lots of government support." - Country Labor's candidate June Smith.

"Everyone's opinion is important and we have campaigned to help them understand us and us to understand them and now we're ready to work together for a better Coffs Harbour." - Christian Democrats Ian Sutherland.

PHOTO GALLERY: Navy Squadron marches on Coffs Harbour

premium_icon PHOTO GALLERY: Navy Squadron marches on Coffs Harbour

725 Squadron navy freedom of entry at the Coffs Harbour Jetty.

Strengthening koala corridors

premium_icon Strengthening koala corridors

Environmental Levy Funding strengthens Koala corridors.

Life saving gift by local community trust

Life saving gift by local community trust

Another amazing effort by the Pink Silks Trust