Power cost a liability

ENERGY efficiency is the key to being competitive.

That was the verdict from the Coffs Coast-based Our Living Coast Alliance, which says energy costs could account for as much as a fifth of business costs.

The organisation says investing in efficiency could make a real difference and help keep your business sustainable.

“The NSW Government offers an energy audit service for the subsidised price of $75 and on top of that provides financial incentives to make the changes necessary to reduce energy costs,” a spokeswoman said.

“Recent visits to Bellingen shops and offices showed that electricity bills range from $300 to $600 per quarter in small shops and from $4000 to $5000 in larger premises with coolrooms.

“While lighting makes up only around five per cent of household electricity costs, it could be responsible for most of the bill in a showroom or shop where the lights were on for eight hours a day.

“Many shop owners say ‘I only have fluorescent lights, I can’t do any better than that’ when in fact the replacement of a T8 fluorescent tube with a T5 tube could bring costs down by 32 per cent.

“When halogen lights were replaced with low-energy fluorescent bulbs or LED lights, costs would come down even further.”

The spokeswoman said coolroom door seals could get a real battering in a busy shop and replacing seals and fitting additional plastic strip barriers could make a significant difference to the electricity used for running the coolroom.

“If you own your business premises, improvements to insulation, self-closing doors, ventilation and other measures are also part of the mix of measures that can reduce that dreaded electricity bill.”

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