Pot Party stubbed out

THE Federal Election is still 33 days away but already pot smokers have been politically stubbed out.

The HEMP Party was to be registered next Friday but will now miss out on running in the Federal Election.

“A million or so cannabis users will be unable to vote to decriminalise themselves now,” HEMP president Michael Balderstone said from Nimbin.

“They have cut us off at the pass, such is their absolute panic at having to confront the very real issue of cannabis law reform.

“Australia is falling way behind all the other progressive countries who realise cannabis use is truly a health issue and needs to be treated as such.

“The vote to be held in California in November, proposing full legalisation, shows how quickly America has realised the benefits of regulating and taxing this multi-million dollar industry.

"Medical cannabis dispensaries have only had a few months to demonstrate their potential since Obama lent his support and already they are a huge success.”

“We will still try and get cannabis law reform on the agenda during this election and at least we know we are registered for the next one.”

Community pulls together to feed the town

Harvey Norman donated goods to Ozharvest Coffs Harbour.

Much needed electrical appliances donated to Ozharvest.

Rainbow crossing at Bellingen to be repainted

LOVE IS LOVE: Cardow & Partners' staff and Nigel Downey from Sweet Bellingen cross the colourful zebra crossing at Bellingen, which has been given a splash of life to represent marriage equality.

Bellingen Shire Council backs equality but is repainting crossing

Coffs to be rocked by traffic as Midnight Oil fans hit town

ROCKING IT: Heavy traffic is expected to hit Coffs Harbour in the lead up to the Midnight Oil show.

Heavy traffic expected as Midnight Oil fans hit Coffs

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