Position vacant

AS Coffs Harbour City Council seeks to replace sacked director Kyme Lavelle, Cr Clive Joass has his own ideas on the process.

Cr Joass told Thursday's council meeting he noted the position of corporate business director was advertised on the council's website, and he wanted to know who would be 'on the committee to work out who will get the job'.

But in the same breath, he suggested a consultancy firm should be hired for this.

Cr Joass said it would be unfair for people who worked at the council to judge applicants, particularly if an existing staff member applied for the position.

The mayor, Cr Keith Rhoades, told Cr Joass he should take a look at what the Local Government Act had to say about dismissals and appointments.

And the general manager, Stephen Sawtell, insisted the council was transparent.

"We don't have jobs for the boys, or the girls," Mr Sawtell said, in response to Cr Joass' questions.

"There isn't an easy road for anyone."

He said the cost of hiring an external agency to assess applicants was $40,000.

While a panel had not yet been appointed, he believed it was appropriate for the mayor and the chairman of the corporate business committee to be on it, along with the council's human resources manager 'and possibly myself'.

The incoming corporate business director would earn between $145,000 and $156,000 per year, depending on qualifications and experience, and would have a lease-back vehicle as part of the package.

The appointment is for a four-year fixed term renewable contract. Applications close on May 31.

The council suspended Kyme Lavelle, who was also the assistant general manager, on February 20, and sacked him on April 18.

Dale Allen is currently the acting director.

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