Local business discovers $300 of counterfeit money

UPDATE: FAKE $50 notes are circulating in the Lismore area and local police have warned people to be vigilant after over $300 of counterfeit currency was handed in by one local business.

One fake bill was handed in last week and there has been more this week, Crime Prevention Officer Helen Campbell said.

One business discovered it had received $300 worth of fake currency notes, she said.

The business concerned was reviewing its CCTV to see if they could work out how the notes came into the business, she said.

The notes were not easily detectable "and hard to spot," she said.

Consumers needed to be vigilant she said.

The colouring was a bit pinker than normal, and the coat of arms could also be missing from the notes she said.

The clear window was also different to real notes, and could even be cut out of the fakes, she said.

Suspect banknotes should be stored in an envelope and handled as little as possible she said. Then handed into Police

Business owners are well within your rights to refuse to accept a banknote if you have concerns about it, Senior Constable Crawford said.

Tips to help identifying fake currency can be found at the Reserve Bank of Australia's website


INITIAL REPORT: POLICE from Richmond Local Area Command have said on their Facebook page that they are currently experiencing a spike in counterfeit $50 banknotes being presented to local businesses.

Police said if you suspect you have a counterfeit note check for a range of features - don't rely on only one or two:

  1. Is it plastic
  2. Look for the star
  3. Look for the Coat of Arms
  4. Check the clear window
  5. Feel the dark printing (often colour too pink)
  6. Check print quality
  7. Look for embossing in clear window

It is an offence to knowingly possess counterfeit banknotes.

Suspect banknotes should be given to police.

If they prove to be genuine, you will receive full value for them.

If you come across a banknote you suspect to be counterfeit handle the banknote as little as possible and store it in an envelope, note any relevant information, such as how it came into your possession, and report the matter immediately to Police.

As a business owner you are well within your rights to refuse to accept a banknote if you have concerns about it.

Under no circumstances should you take actions that may jeopardize your safety or that of others.

For more information call 1800 633 220 or your local police station, or visit the website:

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