Police arrest naked drug-addled man found yelling at tree

A MAN high on ice yelling at a tree in a suburban paddock has been capsicum sprayed by police after he lunged at them armed with a tree branch.

Chinchilla police are yet to finalise charges against a 24-year-old man after an incident officers described as "unique".

The bizarre incident unfolded when a concerned resident found the man in a vacant block yelling at a tree and punching the trunk.

Chinchilla police Senior Constable William Batten said officers found the man "in the process of damaging a tree" before he attempted to jump over a fence.

His efforts were successful only in ripping his clothes at which point police will allege the man turned on officers while still armed with a tree branch.

Snr Const. Batten said the man became enraged and made an aggressive run toward police before losing his pants.

Officers were forced to OC spray the man in order to detain him.

An experienced officer, Snr Const. Batten said the man had been hallucinating and was under the extreme effects of ice, or methamphetamines.

Snr Const. Batten was stationed at Logan, south of Brisbane, before moving to Chinchilla four years ago.

"He became very violent and came at police with a tree branch," he said.

"In terms of his level of how affected he was, it was right up there.

"I don't know if it was a bad batch of drugs or what."

Snr Const. Batten said the man was detained after being sprayed and was later airlifted to Toowoomba Hospital for medical treatment.

It is understood he has since been released from hospital and will return to Chinchilla this week.

He is expected to face multiple charges.

One officer suffered a shoulder injury in the arrest.

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