Police issue school zones reminder to drivers

RECENT incidents involving children in school zones has caused police to remind motorists of the need to take extra care during morning and afternoon school hours.

"Traffic and Highway Patrol Officers will continue to focus on speed, parking, and school crossing enforcement to ensure that our kids are safe when going to, or coming from school," Acting Assistant Commissioner Stuart Smith, Commander of the Traffic and Highway Patrol Command, said.

The A/Assistant Commissioner said taking note of the 40kmh speed zones during these times is vital.

"With parents, children, teachers and support staff moving in and around schools during peak times, motorists need to be fully aware of the 40km/h speed limits in force," A/Assistant Commissioner Smith said.

"Recent incidents involving collisions and children crossing the road highlight the need to maintain the 40km/h speed limits, in order to be able to react to an unexpected event if needed."

Margaret Prendergast, General Manager of the NSW Centre for Road Safety, also urged parents to talk to their children about 'Stopping, Looking, Listening and Thinking' every time they cross the road:

  • Stop one step back from the kerb
  • Look for traffic to your right left and right again
  • Listen for the sounds of approaching traffic
  • Think whether it is safe to cross
  • Your child's safety depends on you

"Young children can learn these safe pedestrian habits from you and use them when they are old enough to travel alone," Ms Prendergast said.

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