Driver refused bail after pursuit

HE should have stayed off the road for another 26 years but instead this disqualified driver tried to outrun police in a dramatic pursuit at Toormina.

Police saw a white Holden Gemini on Toormina Road at 4.45pm on Sunday and when they checked the registration they discovered the plates were stolen.

Police activated their lights to try and stop the car but the driver allegedly ignored them, tearing into Dews Avenue and reaching 70km/h in a 50km/zone.

The car lurched to the wrong side of the road, mounted the footpath and screamed through a reserve.

The driver tried to get back onto the road but he was going nowhere fast when he became bogged.

He tried to flee from the scene and his passengers took off in the other direction.

A highway patrol officer was forced to sprint some 200 metres up the road to tackle the driver.

He was taken to Coffs Harbour Police Station where he was charged with having plates calculated to deceive, goods in custody, negligent driving, driving an unregistered and uninsured vehicle and driving while disqualified.

Police allege the Toormina 26-year-old had been disqualified until 2036.

Police further allege the registration plates had been stolen from a car in Coffs Harbour’s Albany Street last week.

The man was refused bail to face Coffs Harbour Local Court yesterday. 

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