Police better equipped for violence calls

POLICE will now be better equipped to handle domestic violence.

A new specialist training package is being rolled out across the State in the form of an intensive two-day workshop which focuses on investigative practices and victim support.

“This new training package is specifically targeting domestic violence liaison police officers and educating and training officers,” Police Minister Tony Kelly said.

“A key element of the program is its train the trainer approach, equipping those officers who undertake the course to share their new skills and knowledge with colleagues back at their station.”

An estimated 150 domestic violence liaison officers and education and training officers will get the training this year. They will then return to their local area commands and deliver the training to their colleagues on the front line.

“The new training program will be subject to constant evaluations as it is rolled out to make sure it meets the needs of police responding to domestic violence in the community,” Mr Kelly said.

  • COFFS Harbour Police have issued a man with two tickets after being called to his home three times due to loud music on Saturday night.

Police attended a house in Gundagai Street at 11.30pm on Saturday night and gave a 23-year-old Coffs Harbour man a noise abatement direction.

They were back at 1.30am on Sunday after the music was turned back on and issued the man his first ticket.

But less than three hours later police attended the same residence again and the man received yet another ticket.

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