Candidate: Dominic King believes Labor should act now.
Candidate: Dominic King believes Labor should act now.

Local Greens call for action

THE next box for Prime Minister Julia Gillard to tick on her way to the polling booths is real action on climate change, according to local Greens’ candidate Dominic King.

Mr King said the Prime Minister should not delay action on reducing Australia’s carbon emissions until 2013.

“Labor should adopt the Greens’ proposal for a fixed carbon price starting at $23 per tonne, increasing at four per cent plus CPI per annum, that would remain in place until a global climate treaty is reached,” he said.

“The major parties keep debating this issue as if Australia has a choice. The changes to our planet are real, they are happening now and I call upon both of the other major parties to work together with The Greens to move forward and take a leadership role in this area.

“The Greens’ carbon tax is a simple way to start an immediate move towards a lower emission economy as we all know that once a measure starts to hit the hip pocket of major corporations they find ways to do things more efficiently.

“Those ways are available now, however there has been no incentive for big business to utilise them.”

Mr King believes Labor’s five per cent carbon pollution reduction targets were weak and gave $16 billion of taxpayer’s money as compensation to resource companies.

“Labor’s scheme allowed companies to buy offsets from overseas, which means Australia’s emissions may not have been reduced at all,” he said.

“The CPRS would have punished taxpayers instead of rewarding them for changing their energy plans to renewable energy or installing solar panels. We need a scheme that makes polluters pay, not households.

“Rather than pumping taxpayers’ dollars into the coffers of the biggest polluters, encouraging further investment in those polluting industries, The Greens are calling for investment in renewable energy and energy efficiency schemes to reduce Australia’s emissions.

“People are tired of the old, ‘we’ll do it if they do’ lines. They are looking for some real leaders and it dismays me that Australia seems always to be lagging behind the rest of the world in these areas.”

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