Please support our local tradies

THE following is a letter written by the wife of Ernie Burnett whose company, Burnett Plumbing, stands to lose about $300,000 from the Perle Construction fiasco.

I would like to appeal to the whole of the Coffs Harbour community to get behind our local tradesmen and women who are caught up in the Perle disaster.

My husband and I have a business affected directly by it and as we delve deeper into this “can of worms”, we are even more amazed.

We are amazed at how Perle Constructions were remotely close to being awarded such contracts as the recent Coffs Harbour ones and in other areas of the state.

The damage that is unfolding in the lives of our local tradesmen and women is devastating and will be felt in many areas of our local community.

Some will need to sell their homes and close shop and others will be struggling to stay in business if they don’t get what they’ve worked hard for from these jobs. Imagine the stress put on the families involved.

Things are difficult enough with rising prices on living and then this. We want these businesses for growth and employment for our kids and that’s only two good reasons why Coffs Harbour people should support the workers trying to keep outsiders away from the Harbour Drive site.

Coffs Harbour’s problem is the tip of the iceberg for what appears to be a major statewide government-funded bungle similar to the insulation mess.

Some people out there would love this problem to “go away”, but it’s not going to.

From what my husband is hearing, support is building among the tradies of this town and beyond.

That’s right, outside where others have been ripped off from Perle and other failed companies due to the mismanagement of the stimulus package.

So if you have a heart and care about what’s right, you’ll support them too.

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