Plea for cash from flood victims

A ONE-OFF cash payment of $1000 would certainly have come in handy for Ruth Egan and her husband, Gordon.

The couple, who live in Orara Street, Urunga, have spent weeks since the April 1 flood travelling back and forth to Coffs Harbour to get quotes, replace household items and deal with the paperwork that has flowed from the catastrophe.

“We'd have loved that,” Mrs Egan said.

“All the travelling we've had to do and also there is so much we haven't claimed for . . . things you just don't know how to assess.

“It has been a very stressful time - we're both on the pension and although we were fortunate and had insurance, we are still waiting to hear about our claims.

“This was declared a disaster area just like in North Queensland, so it would have been good to get something extra, too.”

Kelly Byrne, who lives on the other side of town near Urunga Golf Course, agrees.

“Whatever's good for Queensland should be good for here, too,” Ms Byrne said.

“A lot of people around here were uninsured plus heaps of people donated money for the fire victims.”

On the golf course itself, John McKenzie is still patiently raking silt off the greens six weeks after the flood.

“The possessions people lost here were just as precious as in Queensland,” Mr McKenzie said.

“So many of my friends lost so much.”

Daphne Timms and Jan Feehely, however, were not fussed at the Federal Government's refusal.

The two pensioners, who live in housing commission units, say they received money from the Department of Community Services and that the NSW Department of Housing had been fantastic.

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