Letter to the Editor - April 30: Planning needed on bypass pollution

ON March 9, 2004, local Nationals representative Andrew Fraser delivered a petition with 10,244 signatures to the Legislative Assembly of New South Wales for local residents, requesting "a Pacific Highway upgrade to bypass properly the coastal plain from the southern part of Coffs Harbour to north of Woolgoolga".

The inner corridor (the RMS's preferred route) is nothing like that which was requested and is the worst possible choice as a solution to our town's traffic problem, that is 12 sets of traffic lights.

Coffs Harbour City Council's ordinance states "restrictions on the backyard burning of household waste", giving the following reasons:

The hilly terrain encompassing Coffs Harbour affects the rate of dispersion of pollutants, trapping pollution. Temperature inversions, which trap pollutants close to the ground, allow little or no dispersion.

The coastal range also affects air movement by generating drainage flows. These tend to generate at night when the wind is light and sky is clear, chilling air close to the ground, making it denser than the air above.

Where the ground is sloped, the air close to the ranges will drift down towards the coastal strip, concentrating pollutants in the area.

One may ask, where will pollution generated by thousands of trucks settle?

The black, sooty pollution so evident on the Korora School sound wall shows residents can expect to receive a very heavy dose of diesel pollution.

The inner corridor will prove to be very bad for residents who live in that part of Coffs Harbour.

A. Brown,

Sapphire Beach

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