Picnic to save park

SUPPORTERS of Pioneer Park will hold a picnic on site today in the final days of public exhibition of the design for a road through the park.

Councillor Sally Townley said she believed the road had not been tested against the CBD Masterplan's aim of making the city centre more pedestrian friendly.

"The proposal for a permanent road is only of benefit to cars and will have a negative impact on pede- strian and bicycle access in the city," Cr Townley said.

Studies on the proposed traffic lights at the inter- section of Harbour Drive and Gordon St predict that by 2032 the intersection will not be functional because traffic queues will reach other intersections regularly.

"The studies have not included the impact of the new lights... and even if traffic crosses an oncoming lane on Harbour Drive to proceed north to Harbour Drive, it still has to re-enter at Vernon St," Cr Townley said.

Other concerns include impact on koala habitat, and flooding.

"For the council to change its plan from a temporary to a permanent road over two years after the initial approval shows a complete lack of regard for public property," Cr Townley said.

Action in the park is from 4pm to 6pm this afternoon.

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