Phones better value than electricity

AUSTRALIANS do not believe they get as much value for money from electricity and gas as they do from their internet and mobile phone services, a study has shown.

The new Energy Consumer Sentiment Survey released Wednesday showed less than half - or 43% - of Queensland households surveyed provided a positive rating for their value for money from electricity compared to 52% of NSW residents.

The inaugural report from Energy Consumers Australia also showed more people ranked their internet, mobile phone, banking and water more positively for value for money than electricity and gas.

Energy Consumers Australia chief executive Rosemary Sinclair said there were high levels of satisfaction when it came to reliability but consumers believed they were not getting value for money.

"A high proportion of consumers do not believe the energy market is working for them and they do not expect value for money to improve in the future," she said.

In Queensland, 62% of those surveyed felt positively about the billing and account options for their electricity and gas, which was the same in NSW. When it came to rating reliability, 78% of Queensland households and 72% of NSW residents rated their service positively.

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