MUCH LOVED: Family dog Baboo has sadly died.
MUCH LOVED: Family dog Baboo has sadly died. Contributed

Pet dogs die from poisoning

DOG owner Keryn Holmes knew something wasn't right when Baboo didn't respond to his name during their usual morning walk down Old Coast Rd.

It wasn't until almost a week later the beloved family dog was found deceased in what is suspected to be poisoning through a planted dog bait.

"We went on a walk and Baboo started sniffing around the side of the road. He usually catches up with us but this time he didn't come back when I called him,” Keryn said.

"On Sunday my 14-year-old son and my boyfriend went looking for him and found him dead. His mouth was black, and he had vomited everywhere. They said they couldn't even move him because he would have just fallen apart.

"He was 12 years old and he was just an absolutely beautiful dog. He would never hurt anyone - but he would lick you to death.”

Following the news of Baboo's passing a neighbour who also lives around Old Coast Rd came forward and revealed one of his dogs had also passed away from a suspected dog bait.

"He also told me two weeks ago he saw a suspicious ball of mince placed in the grass by the side of the road, and a magpie grabbed it.

"It's just scary, I mean any dog would eat that.”

Keryn said she had since notified police, the council and the RSPCA.

At this stage RSPCA Coffs Harbour confirmed it had been informed about two dog baiting incidences in the Korora area, but none elsewhere.

An RSPCA spokesperson said there was a chance the baits were planted illegally as North Coast Local Land Services did not place their wild dog baits near suburban areas.

Keryn hopes telling her story will prevent further deaths of pet dogs.

"We can only hope it will stop the person or people committing this senseless crime against our innocent pets,” she said.

Baboo was her children's first pet, and Keryn admitted it was taking time for the family to move on.

"Baboo was always at the glass door every morning waiting to go for our walk. Now I just don't want to take the kennel away.”

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