Matthew Deans

Permission to party

AS WE reach the pointy end of the holiday season I think it's important to chat about some of the things that worry you, or worse still panic you.

If you have been working hard at making some quality life changes with exercise and sound nutrition, then the holiday party season can fill you with dread. You fear losing progress made with your exercise goals, not to mention your body transformation.

But I am here to help.

I give you permission to party and enjoy the holiday.

Eat what you want. Just follow my tips first...

Just as you cannot lose a tonne of weight in one day you cannot put it on either.

The sudden increase in weight you notice after a binge is likely to be water retention; because for every gram of carbohydrate you consume the body will store 2.7g of fluid.

This is why we feel bloated.

A temporary discomfort for most.


1. Load your plate with lots of greens or consume a small green salad before the actual festive dinner or party. Use the same trick at dinner; fill with greens and proteins before the starches and puddings, then feel free to enjoy the spoils.

2. Eat extra protein before and during your Christmas dinner or party will leave you full and less likely to over indulge.

3 Stay hydrated. The more water you drink the less your body will try to hold and the more there is to flush the indulgences out of your system.

4. Add a glass of water between each alcoholic drink.

5. Rule of thumb - clearer and purer the spirits or wines; the less calories in them.

Try to use soda water, add squeezes of lemon or lime as mixers.

Calories will be in your mixers like Cola.

6. Be mindful while eating; savour the smell, colours and especially the flavours, enjoy the company. This limits your chances of overindulging.

7. Try to move in some way during your day, try taking a walk while dinner settles.

Being healthy is a lifestyle choice it is not a diet.

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