AT THE MOVIES: David Stratton is the patron of the Saving Sawtell Cinema campaign.
AT THE MOVIES: David Stratton is the patron of the Saving Sawtell Cinema campaign. Contributed

People power to save local cinema

SAWTELL Cinema has announced the launch of a crowdfunding campaign to help fund the purchase of all new seating for this cherished local icon.

The Save Sawtell Cinema campaign will run throughout July and August.

Renowned movie critic David Stratton will be the patron for the campaign, acknowledging the national importance of regional cinema.

Designed to raise the more than $75,000 needed to purchase all-new cinema seating, the campaign allows the entire community to be a part of re-opening a local treasure.

Rather than simply asking for donations, crowdfunding offers supporters rewards to recognise their role in Saving Sawtell Cinema.

The most sought after rewards are expected to be the chance to "own" a seat.

This is a chance to have your own personal or company name etched into one of the Sawtell Cinema seats, or to memorialise someone you love.

Those with grander ambitions can have their full size silhouette adorn the Sawtell Cinema foyer.

True cinema buffs will enjoy the chance to join David Stratton at the movies, or better still to share a private dinner with the critic and debate the qualities of their favourite films.

Rewards are available for every budget, with opportunities ranging from $25 to $5000.

Those not game for the cost of the seat can share their love with an I Saved Sawtell Cinema bumper sticker or t-shirt.

And those feeling particularly generous can pick up a night at the cinema for 40 of their closest friends, complete with drinks, nibbles and choc tops all round.

"What's most exciting about this entire project is the community spirit of love and support," Sawtell Cinema Pty Ltd chairwoman Jill Nash said.

"The crowdfunding campaign enables everyone who has ever loved this cinema to be a part of its rebirth."

The campaign will be run on Chuffed, a crowdfunding site dedicated to non-profit and community projects.

If you would prefer to purchase a reward in person you can visit the Sawtell Post Office on First Ave.

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