P&Cs defend fundraising practices

LOCAL P&C groups have defended their fundraising activities after concerns about the role of alcohol in school fundraisers were aired by the Australian National Council on Drugs.

The ANCD has written to every school principal in the country asking them to reconsider the sale, use and promotion of alcohol products when raising money.

In the open letter, chairman Dr John Herron said there were concerns students were being used as “couriers” between school and home for promotional material in school newsletters and forms and payments for alcohol as part of fundraising activities.

President of St Augustine’s Primary School Parents and Friends Association, Michael Nolan, said fundraising events involving alcohol were organised and held externally, while a number of family-orientated fundraisers with no alcohol present were run through the school.

The group held their charity golf day last weekend and Mr Nolan said the event raises about one third of their annual funds.

“The charity golf day is our major fundraising event for the year; volunteers sell the tickets and no money is raised off alcohol,” Mr Nolan said.

“Our money is made through raffles, activities on the day and sponsorship by local businesses.

“The golf club offers us a discount rate to use their facilities and they make money by selling drinks.

“If alcohol was banned from fundraising activities, it’s the club that would lose out because the golf day attracts 230 golfers.”

Korora Public School P&C president Clyde Treadwell said any fundraising activities that involved kids were alcohol-free.

“We hold trivia and comedy nights where venues serve alcohol but these are for adults only and there is no mention of alcohol when these events are promoted in newsletters,” Mr Treadwell said.

“A ban on alcohol at all fundraisers would have a potential impact on night-time fundraisers.”

A guideline booklet developed by the ANCD called School Fundraising and Alcohol is now available online at www.ancd.org.au.

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