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Patching up flood victims' lives

THIS may look like nothing more than a small quilt but the kind gesture behind it has brought a wealth of warmth to dozens of Coffs Harbour pensioners who lost everything in the floods.

Coffs Quilters and Needlecraft group have been working hard since the devastating bushfires in Victoria to do their part in making life a little easier for people who had lost everything - but little did they know that they would soon be helping those in their very own backyard.

With a stack of about 50 hand-made blankets, Coffs Quilters and Needlecraft had been working to send the quilts south to Victoria but when they heard of the elderly people in Gundagai Street who had lost everything, they decided to help.

“When we read the story about these poor people who had literally lost everything, we thought we may be able to help some people locally,” Coffs Quilters and Needlecraft president Margaret Tozer said.

“So we decided the best thing to do was to split the stash and share it between the locals and the bushfire victims in Victoria.”

And so the quilters set aside 24 blankets, one for each of the people affected.

Pamela Homer, 81, and Barbara Waldron, 92, were next-door neighbours and friends in the Gundagai Street units but have been staying with family until they can decide how to rebuild their lives.

Both were present at the Cavanbah Centre yesterday to receive their gift, and were both touched and overwhelmed at the donation.

“This is just absolutely fabulous,” Pamela said.

“We lost everything, the only thing we saved are our clothes. All our electrical goods, all our furniture is gone. And we're some of the lucky ones - at least we have family to stay with.”

“Coffs Harbour has just been amazing, it's unbelievable how many people have come up and given us so many things. It makes you proud to be in a community like this.”

Barbara had similar sentiments.

“It's just wonderful - and they're so beautiful,” she said.

Margaret said it was the least they could do.

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