Emma Guy pictured at her Year 12 formal last month.  Photo by EYE KANDI PHOTOGRAPHY.
Emma Guy pictured at her Year 12 formal last month. Photo by EYE KANDI PHOTOGRAPHY. Eye Kandi Photography

Party bashing shocks family

THE chance of a promising career as a music teacher has been all but wrecked for a Year 12 student who was brutally bashed by another girl at a weekend party near Warwick.

Talented teenager Emma Guy was due to attend a flute audition at the University of Southern Queensland in Toowoomba yesterday but instead was recovering at home from shocking injuries inflicted by her female assailant.

Emma told the Daily News a 15-year-old girl came at her no less than three times in an unprovoked fit of rage during an end-of-exams celebration at a property at Loch Lomond while dozens of onlookers stood by and watched.

Conflicting reports have emerged about numbers at the gathering, but it is understood up to 200 attended, including both high school students and older revellers.

What should have been an exciting week has turned into the week from hell for Emma and parents Barry and Deslie, who are still coming to terms with the attack.

Emma said she was chatting with friends about 10.30pm when her attacker approached her.

“I’d never spoken to her before in my life, but she knows me through a friend,” Emma said.

“She poured a drink over me; I stood up and she started punching me in the face and pulling my hair.

“Three of my friends pulled her off me, but then she came at me again. I was on the ground being kicked in the stomach and face.

“One of the boys (at the party) stepped in but he got bashed by her brother, who was egging her on.”

Distressed friends called Emma’s parents when the assault began, with her attacker leaving the party when Mrs Guy arrived.

Sources have stated “pingers” – a street term for ecstasy tablets – were being passed around at the party, a claim police were unable to confirm.

Emma said she only consumed two drinks, which she believed may have been spiked.

She has made a formal complaint and statement to police, with witnesses also making statements yesterday. Emma’s parents have passed on a printed invitation to the party to police.

Deslie Guy said she “couldn’t see Emma’s face for the blood” when she arrived to collect her daughter, the eldest of the Warwick couple’s three children.

“The girl who did it doesn’t just need charging, she needs help,” she said.

Dad Barry said he could not understand how a girl could be on the ground being kicked while others watched.

“Someone has to step in,” Mr Guy said. “It shocks me that so many others simply stood back and watched.”

The assault means Emma may now have to wait up to 12 months for another shot at auditioning for a university place while others chase their dreams.

The mother of the Year 12 student who hosted the party, who declined to be named, said yesterday invitations had been given to 70 students with 50 acceptances and that Emma and her group of friends had not been invited.

She was adamant more than 100 individuals, half of them in their 20s, had gate-crashed the party.

“My husband and I were interstate, but we had four adult relatives at the party, otherwise it would have just been the two of us,” she said.

“The uninvited guests were turned away at the gate but they sneaked in through the fence. No alcohol was served, any alcohol there was brought onto the premises.

“The party was shut down and the police called after the incident.

“My son organised the party himself and printed his own invitations.

“I am in shock at the actions of an intoxicated group of thugs who ruined what was otherwise a group of respectable kids having a good time.”

Saturday’s gathering follows an after-formal party at a Mt Colliery property in October which was shut down by Killarney police.

A spokesman said the Loch Lomond party had not been registered with police, recommended for added security.

A private party planned in Warwick to celebrate Year 12 graduations this week is understood to have been cancelled as a result of Saturday’s incident.

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