Parking at a premium

WHEN you see elderly citizens struggling with returning their videos, double-parked and on the phone for the proprietor to come out and collect their returns, people limping from two blocks away trying to access blood services, it's time to write a letter.

I am one of those people who struggle, going around and around the block looking for a spot to set down.

Since the Westpac building went in, the parking in Park Avenue sucks.

Traffic control, traffic committee and the council have been approached.

Park Avenue proprietors are not big consortiums, why should they have a say?

I'll tell you why; they have customers in this town, some elderly and some with walking difficulties, others with small children and all with a dollar to spend.

The parking spots are taken up with the staff of the businesses in the area, staff who used to park where Coles and Westpac now reside.

We have utes, tradespeople and people that should know better.

They come out on the turn of the two-hour block and shuffle their cars around, avoid fines and park all day.

How fair is that?

Parking outside Coles changed to 15-minute parking with parking for the disabled and times zone changes, along with great under- ground parking.

The small businesses in Park Avenue will lose customers due to the parking situation, I'm sure.

We live here, we shop here, why can't we park here?

If you feel the same write to the council, phone them, ask questions, 15-minute parking for the quick shoppers isn't too much to ask.


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