NEGLECT: Tom Mutch and Marilyn Harris and the overgrown Park Beach foreshores.
NEGLECT: Tom Mutch and Marilyn Harris and the overgrown Park Beach foreshores. GRAEME SINGLETON

Park Beach wants beautification

PARK Beach residents have joined the call for something to be done to spruce up the city's foreshores.

After almost two decades as the manager of the Tahitian Holiday Units on Ocean Parade, Marilyn Harris despairs at the neglect of the area.

"I regard the council's treatment and care of this area a disgrace," Mrs Harris said.

"There have been improvements via government grants and work for the dole projects but given how much rates income the council gets from this area, and how important it is for tourism, its attitude to this area is appalling.

Mrs Harris said the Ocean Parade strip lacked enough public amenities, rubbish bins and even a safe footpath for people to walk to Macauley's Headland.

"Years ago, the council promised us they would open up ocean vistas for anyone driving in from Vincent, Prince and Boultwood streets but that hasn't happened. We've also requested timers on lights in the barbecue shelters so the hoodlums would move on before midnight but we've had no response.

"The council has done studies and conducted community consultation and promised to make Ocean Parade a priority for years, but nothing has happened.

"Continuing to do nothing is no longer an option."

Artist and writer Tom Mutch said he too, was frustrated by the lack of action on improving Ocean Parade.

"I've been coming here every winter for four years and there is still the same rubbish in the dunes," Mr Mutch said.

"The strip along the road is beautiful but the dunal areas are a disgrace. No wonder so many hoons come down here to party at night."

Mrs Harris said an unfortunate result of the neglect of the area was that Park Beach was now as well known for crime and vandalism as it was as a great place to holiday.

"I don't want trees bulldozed but the need for improvements is now urgent. The trees are dying anyway, because of the choking vines which rampantly control the area.

"If the council would just remove the vines and imported scrub, the vista would be magnificent, petty crime and parties would be reduced because of the inability to hide, and heaven forbid, the tourists might actually see the beach."




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