Park Beach businesses respond to spate of crime

PARK Beach business owners have responded to a spate of armed attacks in recent weeks with one clear message - "we feel safe, and so should our customers".

Recent attacks targeting businesses include the armed robbery of Lucky 7 Supermarket on June 2 and an attempted robbery at Park Beach BP on May 25.

In both instances, offenders wielded batons and poles to threaten staff.

Lucky 7 Supermarket owner Kim Bear said he was not convinced Park Beach had a higher crime problem that neighbouring areas.

"I've been here 25 years and (last Tuesday's incident) was our first in five years," he said.

"You do get your pockets of baddies, but you get that everywhere - crime in the area has dropped significantly."

Matt Smith owns Op81 and has a scope of security measures in place for his business.

"We're in the situation where there are not many surrounding businesses, so we're a bit of an easier target," he said.

"But the last thing I want to see is Park Beach written off as some sort of a war zone - it's not the case."

Despite statistics showing a drop in most crimes across the region, Coffs Harbour police are advising the public to remain vigilant.

That's why BP owner John Squire is now in the process of installing security screens following May 25's attempted robbery.

"I still feel safe but you have to be aware (of crime) - it's part of being in business," he said.

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