'Good ideas' presented at meeting

BOULTWOOD Street Community Group spokeswoman Jenny Grant said there were some ‘good ideas’ presented to Tuesday’s Park Beach public meeting.

Among them she described as examples of the approach that the BSCG wants to support were a skate park; graffiti busters; improved lighting, and youth activities.

“We have invited the police to our next meeting to discuss encompassing a Neighbourhood Watch within our group,” Ms Grant said.

“But the Neighbourhood Watch that we will adopt will be a community-strengthening neighbourhood watch program; not a dob-in your neighbour Neighbourhood Watch.”

Ms Grant also said Tuesday’s meeting was somewhat predictable.

“Participants were divided between the ‘control and punish’ agenda and a broader community strengthening agenda,” she said.

“The former agenda will see ‘bad parents’ punished, curfews for our kids, huge steel gates closing off laneways, a huge police force on the beat day and night with dogs and super-powers to catch all criminals, and delinquents thrown in our already over-crowded jails.”

She said the community-strengthening agenda of striving for inclusive and sustainable communities with shared responsibility for community safety, providing information and building social capital was dismissed as ‘idealistic’ by the chairman but was the stated agenda of Neighbourhood Watch Australasia.

Boultwood Street residents are invited to join the BSCG Facebook group page and come along to meetings. The next meeting will be at 4pm on Sunday at 40 Boultwood St.

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