Returning Officer Paul Wittman shakes up the ballot box in the Coffs Harbour City Council's ballot draw.
Returning Officer Paul Wittman shakes up the ballot box in the Coffs Harbour City Council's ballot draw. Rob Wright/The Coffs Coast Advoc

Palmer draws top spot on the list

MAYORAL candidate Bob Palmer enjoyed plenty of luck during Wednesday's draw for the order names will appear on ballot papers when Coffs Harbour residents elect the mayor on September 8.

Mr Palmer's name will not only appear at the top of the sheet for the election of the mayor but his group that includes Mike Newcombe, Ray Smith and Elizabeth Soltau also drew the coveted number one spot on the ballot for the election of councillors.

Returning officer Paul Wittman ensured the ballot was conducted according to electoral rules and regulations at Coffs Harbour's council chambers.

The first draw was for the mayoral ticket.

Incumbent mayor Keith Rhoades will appear second on the ballot underneath Mr Palmer.

The full list of names as they will appear on a voter's ballot paper is:

Bob Palmer
Keith Rhoades
John Donaldson
Denise Knight
Rod Degens
Leo Muller
Sally Townley
John Arkan

A total of 41 candidates nominated for the eight councillor positions.

The large number is made up of nine groups as well as four candidates running as stand alone independents.

One of those independents is current councillor Paul Templeton.

Also running alone is Ian Sutherland, Peter Davies and Rev Dr Graham Whelan.

These four will appear on the right hand side of the ballot paper for councillors.

The groups (with their team leaders in bold) will appear on the ballot paper in the following order:

Group A: Bob Palmer, Mike Newcombe, Ray Smith, Elizabeth Soltau
Group B: Nan Cowling, John Donaldson, Mick Randall, Colin Brissett
Group C: Denise Knight, Garry Innes, Michael Oates, Maureen Burgess
Group D: Keith Rhoades, Kerry Hines, Andrea Caldwell, Fiona Barden
Group E (Liberal): John Arkan, Mark Sultana, Graeme Ness, Sarah Rose
Group F (The Greens): Sally Townley, Mark Graham, Craig Christie, Aina Ranke
Group G: Robert McLennon, Eliezer Robinson, Darren Leaney, George Hardacre
Group H (Country Labor): David Quinn, Richard McLaughlin, Chris McDonald, Kerrie Burnett
Group I: Rod Degens, Justin Squires, Adam Hill, Dusty Blakemore, Adam Sherwell

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