Page MP Janelle Saffin has returned serve on her Cowper neighbour after attacks over NBN policy
Page MP Janelle Saffin has returned serve on her Cowper neighbour after attacks over NBN policy JoJo Newby

Page MP Saffin fires up after Hartsuyker's NBN taunts

AFTER many months of "dignified silence" Labor Member for Page, Janelle Saffin, has returned serve on Nationals Member for Cowper, Luke Hartsuyker.

It what appears to be a lull in the ongoing battle with his southern neighbour - Independent Member for Lyne Rob Oakeshott - Mr Hartsuyker has lately directed his rhetoric across the electorate's northern border.

The tipping point has been the opposing National Broadband policies with Mr Hartsuyker launching an extraordinary attack by accusing Ms Saffin of having "sold out her principles."

In reply the Page MP said Mr Hartsuyker "has a hide" to attack her principles "in an effort to gloss over the Coalition's second-rate broadband statement which will leave Northern Rivers residents stuck in the internet slow lane."

"My principles are very much intact, and for the record, I have never seen Luke Hartsuyker display much principle on any issue affecting regional Australia," she said.

"Luke is the ultimate nowhere man.

"His latest foray into the media clearly shows that he is clueless, particularly in regard to the Australian Government's plan for super fast broadband fibre to the home.

"It appears he does not understand his own parties' policy, which makes no commitment to keeping regional pricing on an equal footing with the city, and I rightly condemn this."

In a statement released last week, Mr Hartsuyker declared Ms Saffin had sacrificed her personal credibility for the sake of the Labor Party line.

"At the next election the people of Page will have a clear choice on broadband," he said.

That statement has fired up Ms Saffin.

"Luke says that the people of Page will have a clear choice at the September election," she said.

"You bet they will.

"The choice is between the fast lane of our world-class NBN and the slow lane of their much inferior option relying on Telstra's ageing copper infrastructure.

"Luke ought to look on social media and he will see how unpopular the Coalition's Clayton's approach is.

"It is not fast, not cheap and is not a network.

"He does not comprehend the very real benefits that the NBN will bring for health care, education and small business, not to mention the thousands of jobs that are being created during the 10-year build of the NBN.

"Due to his ignorance about nation building projects, he only ever goes on the attack in a simplistic way.

"I am not surprised at his latest rambling missive."

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