Paddlers abreast of the issue of cancer

MORE than 40 dragon boat paddlers from Camden Haven, Port Macquarie, Coffs Coast, Grafton and Maclean converged on Coffs Creek for a “paddle and a picnic” hosted by Dragons Abreast, Coffs Coast.

Two boat loads of happy paddlers hit the Coffs Creek late morning and had a wonderful relaxing paddle.

Dragons Abreast Australia regional representative Angie Walter said: “it was a terrific day and thankfully the weather held up for the duration.”

“There was much fun and many laughs as we paddled along together whilst getting to know our neighbours,” she said.

“We had whole families paddling together, husbands and wives, mothers and daughters, brothers and sisters - the whole complement.”

Following the paddle the gals in pink and their supportive husbands organised a feed for the masses.

“The feedback from our neighbours was nothing short of excellent and we are sure to see more of these days happening up and down the Coast,”Angie said.

Dragons Abreast Australia celebrates its 10th anniversary this month.

Dragons Abreast Coffs Coast paddles as a team with Coffs Coast Dragon Boat Club, which means dragon boat paddling in the club is not restricted to breast cancer survivors, it is open to everyone, regardless of age or ability, so come and joins us and have some fun! Now paddling regularly on the Coffs Creek.

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