Paca lot into a day at Glenhope Farm

BRONWYN and David Mitchell will hold the first alpaca auction and open day in the New England area at Glenhope Alpacas on November 8.

All the animals for sale have been classed by research veterinarian Dr Jim Watts, who will be speaking on the day and who will be available for comment on individual animals.

The auction will see 50 white and fawn coloured alpacas offered for sale, including 26 pregnant females, some with female crias at foot.

Eight young stud males will also be offered, two of which are certified and working.

The day will begin at 9am with animal inspections.

At 11am, Dr Jim Watts will speak on animal selection and the SRS breeding tools and the auction will be held at 1pm.

There will be fleece and product sales and alpaca fashion from the L'Oreal Fashion Show.

A workshop will be held after the sale for any buyers who have no experience in breeding alpacas.

This year marks 20 years since alpacas were first introduced into Australia and the animals, which are native to South America, continue to grow in popularity, especially for those with smaller farms.

Bronwyn Mitchell said they were gentle, intelligent and curious animals which bonded readily with other animals and their owners, given the right encouragement.

She said although they looked exotic they were not difficult to manage and required little intervention, other than annual shearing, occasional toenail cutting and vaccination.

She said they needed no special fencing and were browsers, eating a wide variety of plant material and their soft padded feet meant they were gentle on the environment.

“With a clean breech they are not prone to flystrike and if run without other stock have very low worm problems, as they dung in the one spot,” she said.

Glenhope is in Redgum Lane, four kilometres from Armidale along the Boorolong Road. or phone 6772 1940.

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