Overflowing in Glenreagh

GLENREAGH people are hard pressed to remember a time when floodwaters reached the heights they did on Tuesday night.

The Orara River overflowed at the Sherwood Creek Road bridge, flooding paddocks around the bridge.

Resident Solveig Prescott, who lives opposite the bridge, said debris hindered the flow, totally blocking the waterway under the bridge, causing a 'huge flow' of water on to the land.

“People on the other side are now isolated,” she said. “There were horses in the paddock immediately next to the bridge, but fortunately, they found high ground and are okay.

“We're from Sydney, and I've never seen anything like it.”

ORARA Valley farmer Martyn Auton is concerned, because yet again, there were no flood warning signs on local roads and little information available about conditions, road closures, or flooding on the Coffs City Council or SES websites. Even the RTA website was of little use to locals, as it lists closures on main roads only, such as the Pacific Highway.

“People were panicking - and phoning each other on their mobiles, trying to find out what was happening,” Martyn said.

“I checked with the council, but they couldn't tell me anything. Eventually, I rang Andrew Fraser's office to try and get some information.”

Martyn said it should have been sorted by now, as it was not a new occurrence - the last one was just five weeks ago.

“I just hope the severity of this flood highlights this lack of information. We need a proper warning system in place.”

Martyn believes it would not be difficult to get such a system up and running.

“I've written to the council about this. Surely they could have contacts in communities who could update them on when flooding was occuring, or even likely to occur.”

NANA GLEN local, Garry Dew, is almost a local. He's been living in the district since 1975 and has never seen the river as high as it was on Tuesday evening.

More than 30 school children were stranded after buses dropped them off at the hall.

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