Editorial - Saturday, June 13: Our marine wonderland

THE oceans are teeming with life, closer to shore it seems.

From school sharks in the harbour, to mulloway in beach gutters, dolphins in the surf and whales diving under kayaks.

We have Paul Pallet to thank for national exposure of our beautiful coastline this week.

What an amazing video on the ultimate day's fishing - close encounters with dolphins and a whale, capped off with a trophy snapper.

If I were a frostbitten tourist, fond of a fish, I'd dust off the oars and load the kayak for Coffs as fishos say there are good catches being landed.

Unfortunately, perhaps the closure of the Deep Sea Fishing Club cleaning tables coupled with the visitation of out-of-towners at the long weekend led to the drama on the Jetty Beach.

Small sharks were drawn into the shallows, chasing discarded fish parts presumably thrown from the nearby cleaning table.

When there's always a pelican sitting in earnest on the light pole above, it's astounding someone would carelessly do that.

After a day's fishing I once tipped a bag of leftover pilchards in the ocean.

Winding in the reels, we soon caught a hammerhead shark.

Never underestimate the ampullae of lorenzini - the sensory organs in a shark's nose that can detect blood at one part per million of water.

That's why sharks are essential to the health of our oceans.

- Matt Deans, Editor

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