Orthotics for everyone

FOR advice on the benefits of custom designed and correctly fitted orthopaedic devices - in particular, custom-made foot supports and orthopaedic footwear, the specialist to see is orthotist Chris Hales.

Chris is a Certified Practising Orthotist and registered member of the Australian Orthotic Prosthetic Association and International Society of Prosthetists and Orthotists. He will clinically assess a client to determine which orthopaedic device (orthosis) will help a client become or stay independently mobile.

An orthosis is a brace or other orthopaedic device applied to a part of the body to protect it while it heals or to improve its function. Devices include splints, spinal braces, wrist/hand/elbow orthoses, back supports, callipers, cervical collars, knee braces, custom-made shoe inserts (orthotics), custom-made shoes, orthopaedic shoes and modifications.

“There is a strong demand for custom-made foot orthotics, because I not only assess the patient but personally manufacture the correct device and carry out any adjustments as needed. We endeavour to achieve the best possible result,” he said.

“Our clinic has a fully equipped, modern workshop, so we can custom make callipers, specialised arch supports, custom moulded foot/ankle orthoses, spinal supports and more - all fabricated locally. Follow up adjustments and modifications are easily made as well.”

Hales Orthotic Services also stocks a range of shower chairs and stools, crutches, walking sticks and frames, wheeled walkers, TENS units, traction units, rehabilitation appliances and sporting supports - at reasonable prices. We also hire items for short-term use and if we don't have an item in stock, we can get it quickly. .

“I have a particular interest in compression garments and back supports, postural seating and pressure relief, so I also stock a range of cushions,” Chris said.

He works in consultation with doctors, surgeons, physiotherapists, podiatrists and occupational therapists to achieve the best result for the client. Breast prosthesis fittings can be arranged with our trained fitter, Margaret.

Hales Orthotic Services began in Coffs Harbour in 1987. Off street parking is available at the Bray Street, Coffs Harbour clinic. Appointments are necessary and may be made by phoning 6651 2600.

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