OPINION: 'The down side to your attitude to cyclists is death'

RESPECT: Lycra clad cyclists want motorists to respect human life when driving.
RESPECT: Lycra clad cyclists want motorists to respect human life when driving. Peter Dejong

TO the lady in the 4WD on the Cawarral Road Saturday morning, who so graciously reminded myself and my friends to make peace with our God before every ride, I would like to explain to you and any other motorist who doesn't respect human life, why I ride.

I have a condition called Rheumatoid Arthritis, you may have heard of it?

My doctor's advice was to take up cycling to help slow down the process which will quite possibly one day make it impossible to open a jar of vegemite.

I ride because one day I won't be able to.

I wear lycra not to throw it in your face that I'm exercising and you're not. Might not look it but it is the best fabric to wear on a bike.

I try my best not to annoy you on the roads but I am within the law to be there.

I apologise for the arrogant cyclist who does the wrong thing and must annoy you.

There are plenty of motorists who do the wrong thing, such as yourself.

You see the down side to your attitude to cyclists is death, do you really want that on your conscience?

Believe me it will catch up with you in later life if not at the time.

Not sure what I could have done to have avoided your dangerous driving as I was riding with a small group we were single file on the edge of the bitumen with lights front and back?

I guess just being on the road was enough to throw you into a state.

Most motorists are very accommodating and friendly but it only takes one, in a moment of anger, to change the course of someone's life.

Will your attitude stop me from riding my bike, never, I have a disease that will do that.

I'm not interested in hearing your excuses I just want you to think.

To think and act like you respect human life. Everyone can be annoying on the road it just takes tolerance and consideration.

-Robyn Brown

Rockhampton Cyclist

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