One punch is enough to destroy so many lives

IT'S hard to fathom how just one punch can cause so much damage, but in the early hours of Saturday morning that's all it took to rip countless lives apart.

The death of Scott Snodgrass from injuries he received when he was assaulted near the Grafton St taxi rank has rightly shaken this community. The father of four's passing is as sad as it is senseless.

With the police and coronial investigations ongoing, reports of what happened are still only conjecture, although it seems safe to say alcohol played a major part in this awful tragedy.

Given alcohol-fuelled violence is not unique to Coffs and Mr Snodgrass is not the first man to have died after being assaulted on a night out, you have to wonder what has to be done to stop this happening again.

While some would argue increased security, CCTV and higher profile policing are necessary, surely there is also a case for limiting how much alcohol people consume.

I do not generally condone behavioural sanctions, but it's obvious we can't always rely on people acting responsibly or thinking first about the consequences of their actions.

Graeme Singleton,

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