On the hunt for all the big things

COFFS Harbour's own Big Banana has been seen by a worldwide audience, thanks to a comedic documentary about one man's determination to build the world's biggest gumboot.

Big Dreamers is a documentary following Ron Hunt, a man whose belief in his Northern Queensland town, Tully, led him to build the world's largest gumboot in honour of Tully's record rainfall of 7.98m in 1950.

The documentary details the journey Mr Hunt took in building the larger than life attraction, from hiring an out-of-town sculptor that put local artists' noses out of joint, to the construction of the gumboot being endlessly delayed by rain.

To make the film, director Camille Hardman and writer John Fink undertook a journey of their own to document the 'big things' found all over the east coast, with Kevin Rubie from the Big Banana featuring in a cameo in the film.

“I have always wanted to make a film about big things, there are 160 of them in Australia,” Camille said.

John's response was to throw down the challenge, and soon the pair were traipsing the countryside to commit to celluloid the biggest attractions Australia has to offer.

The result is Big Dreamers, but the filmmakers are also converting every 'Big Thing' story - including the Big Banana's - into a small vignette for later release, working on a 'Big Thing' exhibition for the Queensland State Library, and currently putting together a 'Big Thing' booklet, map and game to go with the DVD release of Big Dreamers.

Big Dreamers made selection for a swag of film festivals and the documentary airs on ABC on Thursday November 27.

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